Luxury Edition Toy Motor Gear Pack 112 Plastic Gear Axle Motor Tire Combination Pack Model Accessories

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A total of 112 luxury combinations! A variety of good gears, three toy motors (with brackets), four sets of wheels, four lengths of axles, three paddles, rich and good materials!
Luxurious! 112 multiple materials! Equipped with 130 motors, 260 motors, 140 motors (motors vary from batch to batch, shaft length, tail cover may be slightly different), are often needed for toys, others include single gear, double gear, crown tooth Spindle gears, worm gears, belt pulleys, fixed brackets, plastic plates, belts, bushings, wheels, axles, switches, battery boxes, propellers, adhesive stickers, angle irons, etc. are relatively complete. of!
Because the motor shaft diameter is 2mm, all gears in the matching package are 2mm, loose or tight.
Detailed description of gears: The total weight is about 200 grams
Spindle gear:
Yellow 102A (2 pcs) Blue 102A (2 pcs) 82A 92A Long 102A 122A
Single gear:
Large gear 802A Blue 562A (2 pcs) Orange Red 482A Orange Red 502A 202A 302A 362A 422A 562A
Crown gear: (not commonly used)
C152A C282A
Double-layer gear:
18102A 22082A 24102B 30102B 30162A 40102B 50102A 56102A
Red 242AB (2 pcs) White 242AB Blue 302A 2AB Orange Red 62A 122B 132A 182A 16.82A
Worm, shaft sleeve:
W6 * 82A W6 * 102A 2mm shaft sleeve (10 pcs) Red tee (2 pcs) Yellow tee (2 pcs) Green tee (2 pcs)
Motor, bracket:
130 motors, 260 motors, 140 motors, 25mm and 20mm vertical brackets, 130 iron sheet brackets, 2 No. 5 battery boxes, toggle switch
Wheel axle:
45mm green wheels (4), white rubber wheels (4), 30mm orange wheels (4), yellow carriage wheels (4), 2 * 150 axles (2), 2 * 100 axles (2), 2 * 50 axles (2 pcs), 2 * 30 axles (2 pcs)
50mm blue three leaves, 60mm red four leaves, 80mm three leaves green
Rubber band:
Black 45mm (5 pcs), color 45mm (5 pcs), color 30mm (5 pcs)
Angle iron (4 pcs), 3M glue (2 pcs), green board

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