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Shipping & Returns

Please note the following questions and comments before you place an order!

Question 1: Is there warranty on RC Copter / aircraft and Electronic Equipment?

There is no guarantee due to the nature of the products. No factory provide the guarantee for the RC helicopters / planes. Please be careful to treat your helicopter or aircraft.
When you order from our warehouse in China, there are due to the nature and use of products not warrant, since no manufacturer's warranty for its RC airplanes and Copter. These devices are functional reasons very fragile and should therefore be treated very carefully. We assume no liability for consequential damages arising with our products in any accidents. For safe and proper use of the provision RC Copter aircraft and solely you are responsible as a buyer / user.

Question 2: Checks RCToy357 the goods prior to shipment to the customer?

Of course, we will test all products before packing / shipping to you carefully. Therefore, all the goods are in perfect condition when you leave our warehouse and you can after receiving the goods immediately work with it.

Question 3: What should I do if the delivered products upon arrival at me, will not work?

Do not worry, we will take immediate action. Please immediately (max. 1-2 days!) After delivery via e-mail contact with our customer service on. If you wait longer with the damage report will void your right to repair / exchange! Include in your claim please photos / videos or accurate descriptions of the defect in the goods. Without these documents, we have to reject a damage repair. Our customer service will then contact you and you make suggestions on how the defect / damage can be repaired.

Question 4: What should I do if the goods were damaged in transit to me?

If the package is damaged upon arrival at outwardly strong you deny absolutely the adoption! Then they inform us immediately by e-mail on the facts. If you still accept an externally damaged parcel, we recognize claims on your part to make corrections damaged goods no longer./br> If the packet is externally not or only slightly damaged, and you find out of the box that the goods are still transport damage, take pictures of the packaging and merchandise and break down so our customer service via Email. We'll tell you then because of our extensive experience with such things, as we shall regulate the matter.

Question 5: I have used the product several times and then it goes defective. Will I then substitute?

Sorry, but in this case we reject a replacement! Due to our careful checks before being sent to you, we know that we have supplied you with a flawless goods. If you have then used the goods, we do not know how you have dealt with them, and have (incorrect settings, incorrect operation, crash or overuse, etc.) caused the failure of the product which causes. So please understand that we can not take any more responsibility here.
But of course you can then our repair service - of course, on the takeover of all transport, troubleshooting and possible repair costs by you - to complete. But before you return the product for troubleshooting and if necessary repair, please shortly contact our Customer Service via email at. It will tell you how this is handled.

Question 6: If I ordered a product, it then but do not want to have, what can I do?

If the package is already on the go, they refuse on delivery acceptance. The packet is then sent back to us. In this case, they bear all shipping costs, taxes, etc., as well as an additional 10% from the price of goods for checking and restocking with us. If we have the goods back and are sure that there is no damage, we will refund the purchase price less the above losses.
If you have already accepted the parcel and open, proceed as described under question. 3 It is important that you then return the goods in their original condition and packaging to us and vote in advance by e-mail our customer service return. Do not do that, and return package is lost, we are not liable for the loss. If the goods are in perfect condition back to us, we will refund the purchase price less the aforementioned costs for shipping, taxes and 10% from the price of goods for verification and restocking.

Question 7: I want to cancel the order, but the goods have already been delivered from RCToy357. I get back in this case the full purchase price?

Unfortunately, no! Here are our suggestions apply to Question 6! You must with deductions for transportation, taxes and the review / re-store the goods expected (10% of purchase price).
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